Dr Eva

Having a problem with the teeth all my life I was a patient of a number of dentists including those in the Eastman dental Hospital. A week ago three of my molar teeth (one with the abcess) were going to be extracted by Mrs Balsheen Gupta of the Pitshanger Dental Care surgery and, Mrs Gupta did not teat me before, it was difficult to predict what to expect. I had stocked paracetamol as a needed a lot of it after previous procedures.

However, what has happened exceeded all of my expectations.

  1. The extraction fo all three molar teeth took just a couple of minutes with early any pain prior to and during the procedure.
  2. There was no pain, not even a discomfort afterwards.
  3. There was no infection despite the abscess and, currently, consistent accompaniment of Covid-19.
  4. My gums healed within a few days.

It it obvious that Mrs. Gupta’s professional knowledge and technical skills are exceptional, while her modesty (she was just doing her job!) inspiring. I just wish all dentists would/could do their job as Mrs. Gupta does. I have no words to express my appreciations and gratitude to her.


In my 71 years, I have been to dentists ranging from brilliant to adequate to ’never again’. At the top of the brilliant category is Dr Paresh Patel. Not only is he on top of the latest technology, with all the kit, what is beyond compare are his gentleness and his caring manner.

Twice now I have had to call one him with a problem during lockdown and he and his team have been able to help. Everyone at the practice that I have come into contact with has been superb. Pitshanger Dental Care really do care. Highly recommend.


Pitshanger Dental Care customer service are miles above any dentist experience you will receive elsewhere. They seem to naturally set standards very high and I have always left with a smile. They truly are a tough act to follow.

Vanda Foster

I have been going to Pitshanger Dental Care for many years and have always found all the staff very pleasant and welcoming. Mr. Patel himself is always calm and explains all treatments and options clearly, without trying to push the more expensive alternatives. He is very thorough but also very gentle. He once had to remove two of my ten year old daughter's wisdom teeth, which I had been dreading, but she suffered no pain either during or after the procedure.

David White

I have been looked after for many years by Pitshanger Dental Care and have no hesitation in recommending this first class practice. My dental treatment has included crowns, root canals and more recently highly successful implant surgery. Each stage was clearly explained and carried out by a highly qualified dentist who I trust and respect. In short, a professional, caring and friendly practice with a well earned reputation for patient care.

Richard Farria

The Surgery is very professional and experienced and is in a good location. The staff are friendly and helpful over the phone. I would recommend the Surgery to other patients. The waiting room is a bit small however due to space constraints but it is a pleasant environment whilst the treatment room is a good size and airey!


I previously had three root canal treatments and came to see Dr Patel for advice when I kept having recurrent infections with one of the teeth. It is an understatement to say that I was a bit nervous as the previous root canal procedures - which had been done by another dentist - had not been the most pleasurable experiences.

Dr Patel recommends i see Alex, the endodontist, and we discussed options. They both recommended that I go ahead and redo the root canal. I was still a bit apprehensive and remained concerned about whether I could loose the tooth and the potential follow impact on the surrounding teeth. I cabe back for further discussions with Dr Patel who continued to reassure me that the redo was the best option. Throughout the process, i found Dr Patel and Alex extremely understanding and supportive. I had to say this was the best root canal treatment I have had!

All in all, I would not hesitate in recommending Pitshanger Dental Care.

A big thank you, to Dr Patel and the team for your help.

Ms. Jenny D. B.

Going to a dentist you can only hope your teeth will have the best care there is to offer, however Pitshanger Dental goes above and beyond the perfect advice for teeth and the correct procedure requirement. Without exception when I go for my dental visits I always receive the kindest reception, followed by gentle and courteous care in a clean, fresh and modern premise. To thank your dentist and actually mean it when you leave is a new thing for me!

Ms. Katherine M.

I could not be happier with the outcome of my implant treatment for my front tooth. It was definitely worth the wait for the final permanent crown which has met all my expectations and allowed me to smile again. The standard that can be achieved in matching the natural teeth is amazing. The Centre has a very professional feel with friendly, helpful staff and pristine premises. I had confidence in Mr Patel at all times and he was very patient if I changed my mind about something. The assistants played an important part too and helped to put me at ease throughout the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice.

Mr. Butler

It took me a long time to make the decision to have implants but now I wish I'd done it earlier.

Dr Patel was very thorough in explaining everything at the beginning and at each step throughout the treatment, and was always available (even at weekends) to answer questions or provide reassurance. The operation was the scariest bit. Yes, it was not the most pleasant dental experience I have had and yes, I was sore & bruised but it was far less traumatic than my imagination had led me to believe.

One of my friends asked me "knowing what you know now, would you go through with the procedure again?" My answer was a resounding YES!

Mr. Boorman

It is now some two months since I was last in your surgery for treatment. As promised, I write to confirm that the bridge work and associated dentistry that you have done for me has proven very satisfactory and I look forward with confidence, to my follow-up session early in the new year.

I would like to record the formally my complete satisfaction with the service you provided to me. You have a splendidly supportive team who are well led in what I regard as one of the best surgeries in terms of layout, space-utilisation and modern equipment that I have seen, no doubt, goes a long way to reassure your patients and encourage your staff to maintain consistently high standards of customer service.

Your practice is a great asset to the Pitshanger Village and deserves to prosper.

Mr. James

Throughout the treatment process the level of care that was provided was excellent. I was kept well informed of what was happening at each stage of the process and with the best way to ensure that everything remained healthy and had the best chance of succeeding. The final outcome is perfect and i could not be happier that I made the decision to have the implant and for Dr Patel to fit it.

Mrs. Madeleine O`Dwyer

Recently, I had a lower molar dental implant procedure. I was anxious about the sound of the drill, but it had minimum noise and I was at ease in the calm atmosphere with each step of the procedure explained.

It was pain free and I was quick to heal afterwards. I highly recommend Dr. Patel.

Mr. Mike Jones

I came to Dr. Patel after a failed repair by another dentist whom left me with my three front teeth bridged but no loger viable. He told me the options, which were implants or a denture.

Dr. Patel explained both the process and the timescales involved. It is not quick but it is a permanent fix. The surgery although sounding daunting is in the same scale as other dental work I have had associated with crowns and bridges, albeit the initial session is longer. Happily, a lot of the time in procedures around you rather than to you.

Vainly I was concerned about walking away with a toothless smile, Dr. Patel assured me this would not happen. To allow the implants to strengthen sufficiently to take the new bridge I had a period with a denture. Again through his planning this was available at the first appointment. It did feel alien with wires and clips but I was amazed how quickly this fitted and became less noticeable to me and visually unnoticeable.

The subsequent series of appointments were brief and more like routine checkups. The quality of the technicians Dr. Patel employs is also very worthy of praise. All parts made for me were both cosmetically and functionally of the highest quality I have had through the many previous crowns and bridges over the years.

I am thrilled with the final outcome. I would recommend Dr. Patel for his professionalism and competency to anyone thinking about having this done.

The best appointment is the last appointment. I walked away with a smile.